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For the pas 27 years Ioannis Laskaridis has been following his family businesses tradition, that was founded by his father Konstantinos, 54 years ago with a focus on neoclassical furniture. Invaluable experience and knowledge that has been passed on to the new generation and gave it all the necessary values for a bright future career. Insightful, creatively restless, he expands through all of the sectors relative to furniture and decoration of a modern home, so that his propositions are aesthetically complete and functionally harmonious. 
Lights and decorative fabrics complete the furniture sets while Ioannis Laskaridis personally takes over the study of the interior to take advantage of every available possibility. At the expo's stock you will find products by famous Greek and foreign furniture production houses, in the form of smart functional unit-sets while our specialized technicians will take on any special construction, that results in more and more noteworthy works that are added to the Ioannis Laskaridis company's portfolio, praising the creator.